Term Limit States Ranked Best as Career Politicians Flop

Surprise, surprise. A brand new report says states with term-limited legislatures are outperforming their career politician counterparts.According to George Mason University’s “Ranking the States … [Read more...]

Term Limits, Career Politicians, and the Octogenarian Caucus

By George BarrYesterday was a special day. U.S. Representative Nita Lowey of New York turned 80, and we would like to extend her our best wishes. As she ascends to the fabled Octogenarian Caucus, … [Read more...]

Congressman: Pay me MORE because $174K ain’t “decent quality of life”

The job description for a good congressman should be as follows: “change Washington before it changes you!”Even for politicians who try to do the right thing, the corrupting influence of power in … [Read more...]

Congressman Markwayne Mullin breaks pledge and promise to the people of Oklahoma.

By: Alannah NicPhaidin Oklahoma Congressman, Markwayne Mullin has broken his word. He said that he would support term limits and only serve three terms himself. These two promises were a central part … [Read more...]

Term Limits Activists Expose Secret Meeting, DEFEAT Grant for Speaker

Never underestimate what term limits activism can accomplish.Thanks to your tireless efforts, our movement just scored a big win. Florida State Rep. James Grant, the "7th-year freshman" and term … [Read more...]