12-Term Congresswoman Convicted for Stealing from Charity

by Nick TomboulidesOften a prison sentence is the only term limit members of Congress have. That fact of life reappeared today as former Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown --who served in elected … [Read more...]

Josh Mandel Signs U.S. Term Limits Pledge

by Nick TomboulidesI was honored to join Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel in Columbus this week for a press conference to highlight Mandel's signing of the U.S. Term Limits Amendment … [Read more...]

Self-Serving Owen Hill Sinks Term Limits in CO

by Nick TomboulidesTerm limits are the most beloved issue in Colorado, with backing from 81 percent of state residents. There’s no partisan divide on the topic either, as supermajorities of … [Read more...]

Congressman Breaks Term Limit Pledge, Insults Constituents

by Nick TomboulidesOklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin hates to be reminded that he works for the people."You say you pay for me to do this? That's bull crap. I pay for myself," Mullin … [Read more...]

Calling Hatch Home

By: Paul Jacob.Back in 2012, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch pledged that, if elected, his current six-year term would be his last. On Election Day 2018, Hatch will be 84 years old — and have spent more … [Read more...]