Why I Fight for City Council Term Limits


James Hass is running for an at-large seat on the West Lafayette, IN City Council.

by James Hass

Another drop in the bucket is just a drop closer to overflowing and the aspiring career politicians on my City Council would probably say the same. You’re not alone in feeling overburdened by politicians and their crony policies that never seem to deliver the desired result. All across the country citizens are taking a stand against careerism in our republic and I for one am at my wits end.

Every public policy issue has a loophole it seems; term limits on the other hand deliver results through and through. Polling is consistent on it too, public support has only grown.

Don’t like the status quo? Get them out and get a principled candidate in without the fear of losing them for good to the darkness that shrouds our political process.

I’m running for City Council to establish term limits because I want a permanent solution to the underlying problem in politics – careerism.

I’m signing the U.S. Term Limits pledge to prove my commitment. I encourage any candidate for office – large or small – to sign this pledge and to make that same bold stand.

As President Harry Truman once said “Term limits cure senility and seniority – both terrible legislative diseases.” This renders term limits as not only a cure, but a safeguard. It’s vital for any leader to offer a successor so in my case I leave that choice to the people of West Lafayette – not a politicians command.

James Hass is a candidate for City Council in West Lafayette, IN. He is a bilingual Purdue alumnus and lifelong resident of the city. He’s also a small business owner.

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