Top Five Reasons We Need Term Limits!

1. The Declaration of Independence: Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.
The very foundation of our country was based on the idea that those who govern are there because the people have deemed them worthy. People no longer feel their interests are being represented by those sent to Washington to speak on their behalf. People certainly don’t feel their representatives are acting on their behalf. Congress has become so entrenched that they are nearly impossible to remove from office. It seems the best way Representatives and Senators in DC are removed from office is not via the ballot box but via indictment, retirement, or death. Senators and Representatives no longer have the consent of the governed when Congress’s approval ratings flirt with single digits.

2. Passed the torch to the next generation of leaders.
We need fresh faces and fresh ideas in Congress. Those who have been sitting up in DC for decades have done little but dig us deeper into problems and created little but stalemate and bickering. It’s the old guard who has not been able to solve some of the major issues that American’s are facing. Perhaps it is time to take a step back, put their egos (and wallets) aside and do what is right for the people. If we want to solve some of the issues American’s are facing today, we need people in there who know what those challenges are and who can see innovative and fresh solutions, because the old ones clearly aren’t working.

3. Three-quarters of Americans want term limits.
In a time when it is difficult to get 51% of people to agree that the grass is green, surely the fact that such a majority of Americans want this to happen should be an indicator…that it should happen. This is the most bipartisan issue in the country. Democrats, republicans, African Americans, Hispanics, whites, old, young, rich or poor all overwhelming support term limits on Congress. With so much support around a single issue, surely it is something we need to come together and make happen?

4. Term limits get rid of career politicians
Congress was created to help serve and protect their constituents and the country. This is the reason it is referred to as ‘serving’ in Congress. We also use the same word for those who signed up for our armed forces. That mentality has been perverted by those who do little more than sit in a seat for 30-40 years doing little more than collect a paycheck, great healthcare, and PAC money. Serving in Congress was not meant to be a career. Serving was meant to be a sacrifice that someone made for a short period of time and then step aside for someone else to have the honor to serve their country as citizen legislators. No one should be able to ‘own’ a seat for decades. They should always fear removal via the ballot box, unfortunately, time has proved that is not the case.

5. More options for Voters
The current system of incumbency means that certain elected officials go without opposition. If they do face an opponent their opposition is usually underfunded and lacks structural support. Running a campaign is hard work, quite expensive, and usually a full-time job. Who has the time and money to run against an entrenched incumbent when they know the odds are against them? How much against them? If an opponent running against an incumbent raises less than a million dollars the odds of them winning is 2:293. The result is fewer candidates run, and the competitive candidates wait years for an open seat. Having a wider pool of candidates more often gives voters a chance to see new people and new ideas.