Term Limits Activists Expose Secret Meeting, DEFEAT Grant for Speaker

U.S. Term Limits activists rally on the scene of the secret speaker vote to stop term limits cheater James Grant.

Never underestimate what term limits activism can accomplish.

Thanks to your tireless efforts, our movement just scored a big win. Florida State Rep. James Grant, the “7th-year freshman” and term limits evader (learn more), was just DEFEATED in his bid to become Florida House Speaker at a secret conclave of lawmakers in Orlando.

Grant was sent packing in humiliating fashion as citizens all across Florida are uniting in opposition to his power grab. Grant and his allies used every trick in the book to keep ordinary citizens away from this secret meeting.

They wouldn’t reveal the time.

They wouldn’t reveal the place.

They booked it right in the middle of the day, when people would be at work.

But we found them anyway, because we don’t back down.

Our group was small, but our message was big: eight-year term limits are the law, and no politician is above that law. It resonated. Politicians were stunned to see volunteers at the meeting, waving homemade signs reading “Block Grant” and “Eight is Enough.”

Our presence convinced the politicians that term limits aren’t going away, leaving them no choice but to defeat Grant for Speaker.

We congratulate State Rep. Paul Renner, who beat Grant in the Speaker’s race.

This would not have been accomplished without your help contacting legislators and spreading the world. A special thanks goes out to gubernatorial candidate Bob White, George Blumel, Florida House candidate George Collins, John and Barbara Weiler and Adam Perez for their leadership in stopping Grant.

Even though Florida dodged a bullet by avoiding a Grant speakership, the 7th-year time-traveling freshman is still running for re-election in 2018 in violation of his term limits.

That is the next battle we must win: getting him out of office completely — whether through activism or the courts. It will happen with your help. Stay tuned.

Nick Tomboulides is the Executive Director of U.S. Term Limits.

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