Missourians Enjoy U.S. Term Limits Day at State Capitol

USTL activists meet with Missouri State Senator Denny Hoskins, sponsor of the Term Limits Convention resolution.

I had the pleasure of joining a group of Missouri citizens this week for “U.S. Term Limits Day” at the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City. This group was brought together by USTL’s Missouri State Director Carl Bearden based on their shared interest in getting a Term Limits Convention to end careerism in Washington, D.C.

Their mission was to encourage state legislators to support HCR 10 and SCR 14, the two resolutions Missouri lawmakers must pass to call for term limits on members of Congress.

Our group included several military veterans who swelled with pride when discussing their love for our country, and who believe America deserves much better than the current crop of politicians in office.

We visited with many state legislators personally and had great discussions about the Term Limits Convention. It was important to make clear to these officials: Congress is unlikely to pass term limits on themselves. It is the states’ obligation to use the Article V Convention to bypass Congress and make term limits a reality. In fact, the founders created the convention precisely so states could rein in abuses coming from Washington.

But it cannot happen unless Missouri votes for HCR 10 and SCR 14. In the coming weeks, the state Legislature will have to decide: Does it allow business as usual to continue in Washington? Or does it take a stand and listen to the 86 percent of Missourians who want congressional term limits?

That’s the choice these leaders have to make. After spending time with Missouri citizens who all said “we need term limits now,” the Legislature should act appropriately by passing the Term Limits Convention.

Nick Tomboulides is the Executive Director of U.S. Term Limits.

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