Term Limit States Ranked Best as Career Politicians Flop

Surprise, surprise. A brand new report says states with term-limited legislatures are outperforming their career politician counterparts.According to George Mason University’s “Ranking the States … [Read more...]

Congressman: Pay me MORE because $174K ain’t “decent quality of life”

The job description for a good congressman should be as follows: “change Washington before it changes you!”Even for politicians who try to do the right thing, the corrupting influence of power in … [Read more...]

Term Limits Activists Expose Secret Meeting, DEFEAT Grant for Speaker

Never underestimate what term limits activism can accomplish.Thanks to your tireless efforts, our movement just scored a big win. Florida State Rep. James Grant, the "7th-year freshman" and term … [Read more...]

Two More U.S. Term Limits Pledgers Elected to Congress

This week, the nation watched with anticipation as special elections for Congress took place in South Carolina and Georgia. What the mainstream media didn’t report, however, is that both winning … [Read more...]

Florida Lawmaker Cheating Term Limits

 A sneaky politician in Florida is cheating term limits by running for re-election despite having reached his eight-year limit.James Grant (R-Tampa) was elected to the Florida House of … [Read more...]