Pelosi Says Congress Lives Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Help us deliver one million signatures to Congress in support of a term limits constitutional amendment. Click HERE to sign the petition today. by Nick TomboulidesAt $174,000 dollars in salary … [Read more...]

Congress Supports Term Limits…Just Not on Themselves

 by Nick TomboulidesContrary to popular belief, most members of Congress do support term limits. The catch is, these limits only apply to the president's tenure -- not their own … [Read more...]

The Founders and Term Limits: Jefferson

 by Nick TomboulidesOne of the most common questions we're asked here at U.S. Term Limits is, "how did America's founding fathers feel about term limits?"Though the Articles of … [Read more...]

MI Anti-Term Limits Groups Busted for Concealing Corporate Donors

  by Nick TomboulidesGroups that failed to defeat term limits in Grand Rapids, MI last November have been busted for hiding their special interest funding from voters until … [Read more...]

MA House Speaker Rob DeLeo is Trying to Abolish the Term Limits He Created.

By Austin Sekel Speaker Tom DeLeo of the Massachusetts House of Representatives was elected by colleagues who were under the impression that he would establish term limits due to the previous Speaker … [Read more...]