Defend Palm Beach Gardens Term Limits

Gardens vote

Palm Beach Gardens voters passed term limits in a landslide.


In November 2014, Palm Beach Gardens voters went to the polls to send a decisive message: “it’s time for term limits!” With historic turnout, nearly 80 percent of Gardens voters said “yes” to enacting a two-term, six-year limit on members of the City Council. In a separate ballot question, 68 percent of voters said the new limits should apply retroactively to current Council members.

This was a big deal. Not only did voters want to implement fresh faces and perspectives on the Council; they wanted those changes to take place as soon as possible. But, as is true with most politicians and term limits, members of the Council won’t go down without the fight.

Only six months after the term limits were passed into law — and before they’ve even been implemented – the Mayor and other members of the Council are already scheming to repeal the people’s new law. It’s a brazen move that, if anything, only proves voters 100 percent correct for not trusting Gardens’ politicians.

Even Joe Russo, the most tenured member of the Council, has called this attack “a slap in the voters face” and asked his colleagues how citizens could ever have faith in leaders who ignore them.

Now is the time to take action before the City Council launches a power grab against the people’s term limits. Here’s how you can help:

  • Send an email to the council members asking them to respect the vote. You can thank Council Member Joe Russo for publicly declaring he intends to defend the people’s will.  See for email addresses.
  • Print out this palm flyer and distribute it at a City Council meeting, or around the city, to build opposition to the politicians’ anti-term limits scheme.
  • Write a letter to the editor of the Palm Beach Post expressing your support for the current term limits at Letters@PBPost.Com. The maximum length on a letter is 200 words. Click HERE for tips on writing a great letter.

Thank you for your support of term limits in Palm Beach Gardens!